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Tyre Shredder Machine

Introduction: Tyre shredder is composed of motor, reducer, rotating knife shaft, imported moving knife, fixed knife, frame, frame, body, and other main structures.

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In recent years, with the rapid development of the automobile, the source of raw rubber shortage, how to effectively use scrap tires has become a global problem, some rely on the purchase of expensive equipment or high power and low efficiency, the investment cost is too high, there will be waste tires by hand sawing into small pieces after crushing then, the efficiency is very low, how to effectively use a large number of economic waste tire has become a key research topic in rubber production.

Structure of Tyre Shredder Machine

Tyre shredder is composed of motor, reducer, rotating knife shaft, imported moving knife, fixed knife, frame, frame, body, and other main structures, as is the claw type knife, rotary cutting, after heat treatment the hardness of HRC60 degrees, therefore, long service life, cutting ability, high capacity, normal the use of more than 10000 tons only need sharpening, collocation of conveyor belt, two stage crushing machine and wire separator, nylon separator, mill used together, so the automation and rationalization and labor saving, reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment.

Performance characteristics of Tyre Shredder Machine

1, save the cost of transportation, some garbage landfill costs, life is very large, such as furniture waste, wood waste, if we directly pull it to fill landfill field, the transportation cost is very as can be imagined by expensive, many people think that China now landfill charges, is actually misunderstood, we usually pay the garbage fee already contains the pay landfill costs, while in the United States, pull the garbage into the landfill is according to the volume of the garbage fee, in other words that you refuse the bigger, you pay the costs more, because the United States will be the first to refuse treatment garbage crushing in order to achieve the purpose of cost savings.

2, recycling of waste rubber, in fact, our life a lot of rubber products can be recycled and reused, as long as we tore it up into small enough particles we can put it in the extruder by melting and extrusion, but the key point is: feeding with the waste rubber particles must be small enough, because before extrusion granulation processes are generally of rubber tires first broken, people are now living already cannot do without cars, resulting in great waste tire rubber, tire recycling is a big market, and the tyre shredder is rubber recovery efficient and practical good helper.

Technical parameter of Tyre Shredder Machine

Tool Type(mm) Model
Capability(t) Feed Size(mm) Blade Power(kw) Reducer
200*20 500 1-2 <500 24 15*2 350*2
300*30 800 3-4 <800 28 22*2 500*2
400*30 1000 4-6 <1000 32 30*2 600*2
450*40 1200 6-8 <1200 30 37*2 650*2
500*40 1500 8-10 <1500 36 45*2 650*2
550*50 1600 10-15 <1600 32 55*2 750*2
600*50 1800 15-20 <1800 36 75*2 750*2
750*60 2000 20-30 <2000 32 90*2 850*2

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