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Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

Introduction: Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant which is high-efficient equipment for ready mix concrete production. Belt Concrete Mixing Plant Series stationary concrete batch & mixing plant is suitable for the commodity concrete and concrete construction in each kind of architectural project.

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Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant which is high-efficient equipment for ready mix concrete production. Belt Concrete Mixing Plant Series stationary concrete batch & mixing plant is suitable for the commodity concrete and concrete construction in each kind of architectural project, including water conservancy, electric power, railroad, tunnel, arch of bridge, harbor-wharf and national defense project, etc. The application scope is widely spread.

Features of Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

Combining our domestic costruction situation, we designed the belt conveyor concrete batching plant. Ling Heng Machinery Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant consists of material batching, mixing and electric control system, etc, which is automatic intellective concrete mixing equipment, but use small area and easily maintenance.

Aggregates batcher

1. The batcher, with 3-5 aggregate hoppers, can be designed as per customer's requirements. There are independent weighing hoppers and belt conveyor under the aggregate hoppers that could be designed as steel structure type, underground and half-underground types. the aggregates can be fed into the aggregate hoppers by wheel loader or belt conveyor;

2. The hopper discharging gates and discharging speed are controlled by computer via cylinder.After weighing, the aggregates will be conveyed to the transitional hopper above the mixer.

3. Each of the aggregate is weighed individually, the weighing accuracy is guaranteed. The accuracy of aggregate proportional ratio is realized through computer controlled system which automatically add the aggregates if there is a shortage of them, it also warns us if the aggregates are overweight.

Aggregate conveyor

1. The weighed aggregates are conveyed into the transitional hopper by belt conveyor. We can use trough belt conveyor to save place.

2. The closed aggregates belt conveyor are designed to protect the machine and enable the plant to work under all-weather condition.

Mixing tower

1. Modern modular structure designed mixing tower. All parts of the mixing tower are connected by bolt and nuts structure. it is easy and fast to install and dismantle the whole plant.

2. It is equipped with maintenance and repair platforms and stairs.

3. Closed structure design, closed aggregate belt conveyor and external 360 degree lighting enable the all-weather operation.

Water and liquid weighing

1. Water weighing and supplying are controlled by precise weighing sensor,pneumatic butterfly valves and spherical valves, which guarantee the weighing accuracy;

2. The pressurized water by water pump can spray out and mix with the materials rapidly in the mixer, it can also wash the mixer thoroughly at the same time;

3. The liquid additive weighing system, with weighing sensor has unique leakage-proof device. the liquid additive is mixed with water and sprayed out in the mixer;

Cement and fly ash weighing and conveying

1. Cement and fly ash are stored in cement silos, conveyed to transitional hopper by screw conveyor,weighed by high-precision weighing sensor,controlled by computer.

2. The weighing hopper will discharge the cement and fly ash into the mixer by opening the pneumatic butterfly valve, when the weight reaches the set perimeter and the computer will stop the screw conveyor.

Control system

1. Automatic and manual control are available;

2. Dynamic display of the production process and monitoring in real time;

3. Saving the data of production parameters in the computer, printing of the daily, monthly and yearly statistic reports of production.

4. Weighing accuracy:automatically re-feeding if there is a shortage of aggregate and warning if the aggregates are overweight.

Belt type concrete batching plant for the upper structure is raw material storage hopper, lower for the weighing hopper, for unloading conveyor belt, at the bottom of the storage hopper used to store with the raw material, storage hopper bottom mouth below the right ingredients conveyor belt. Its principle: ingredients, belt conveyor start out of the material in the storage hopper to setting belt to stop, and then under the control instrument control, in turn, the configuration of several kinds of materials, materials to all configured, instrument control will start discharging belt material into the next link (such as mixer raise bucket or conveyor belt machine, etc.)

Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant, featured with simple structure and small floor area, is an ideal choice for small and medium project. The unique angle design between hopper and track makes the filling and dumping process of aggregate materials more efficient. With our patented technology, Ling Heng Machinery concrete batching plant has 30%-45% higher efficiency than the average level.

Henan Ling Heng Machinery offer hzs belt type concrete batching plants with various sizes,such as HZS60-60m3/h, HZS90-90m3/h HZS120-120m3/h, HZS180-180m3/h Belt Type concrete batching plant. Contact us for more information!

Parameter of Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

Model HZS60 HZS90 HZS120 HZS180
Cpacity 60m³/h 90m³/h 120m³/h 180m³/h
Mixer Model JS1000 JS1500 MAO3000/2000 MAO4500/3000
Mixer Power 37Kw 2*30Kw 2*37Kw 2*55Kw
Discharge Height 3800mm
Discharge Volume 1000L 1500L 2000L 3000L
Charging Volume 1600L 2400L 3000L 4500L
Concrete Batching Machine Model PLD1600 PLD2400 PLD3200 PLD4800
No. of Storage Hopper 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4
Aggregare Silo Capacity 9m³ 15m³ 18m³ 22m³
Weighing Hopper Volume 1600L 2400L 3200L 4800L
Agg. Weighing Accuracy 1000Kg (+ -) 2% 1500Kg(+ -) 2% 2000Kg(+ -) 2% 3000Kg(+ -) 2%
Water Weighing Accuracy 300(+ -) 1% 500(+ -) 1% 600(+ -) 1% 800(+ -) 1%
Cement Weighing Accuracy 600(+ -) 1% 1000(+ -) 1% 1200(+ -) 1% 1800(+ -) 1%
Additive Weighing Accuracy 30(+ -) 1% 30(+ -) 1% 50(+ -) 1% 50(+ -) 1%
Control System Fully automatic / Manual(One machine double control)
Total Weight 42t 50t 58t 75t

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